Colorado Lactation Consultant Association

Marijuana and Breastfeeding Resources for IBCLCs

With dramatically increased frequency, lactation consultants are encountering situations where breastfeeding parents indicate that they have been using marijuana and breastfeeding. As IBCLCs we cannot provide medical or medication advice, however we can offer resources to share information and answer parents’ questions. Because Colorado is one state that has recently had to grapple with the safety and health issues of marijuana use by breastfeeding parents, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has developed several publicly available resources that may be helpful for families, their health care providers, and their breastfeeding support personnel. Additionally, the 2015 update to the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine protocol, addressing marijuana use, is listed below.

Marijuana and breastfeeding webinar:
The marijuana and breastfeeding webinar is available as a 40 minute section of the presentation titled Setting the Course: Implementing Guidelines and Overcoming Barriers on Your Journey, presented in March 2015 by Tracy Foo, Marijuana Clinical Guidelines Coordinator for CDPHE.

Marijuana and Your Baby:
This information sheet is specifically designed for and targeted to breastfeeding families.

Marijuana Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Guidance for Colorado Healthcare Providers:
Because CO healthcare providers indicated an immediate need to form consistent messaging with regard to marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, CDPHE developed this document with inclusion of state specific legal obligations. It's meant to be used as a quick reference for providers to keep messaging and information about marijuana use consistent beginning with a family's prenatal care, during their birth, and throughout the duration of breastfeeding.

ABM Clinical Protocol #21: Guidelines for Breastfeeding and Substance Use or Substance Use Disorder
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine recently updated their Protocol #21 to include information about specific substances, one of which is marijuana.

Each state has differing laws and obligations surrounding marijuana use, and it is strongly encouraged that you research any that may be applicable to you within your professional roles.

Even within each state, every county will have different guidelines about whether or not you are expected to report a family to child protective services for marijuana use while breastfeeding. It is strongly encouraged that you contact your county's Division of Family Services for guidance on if/when you are obligated to report.